"Dick, I never imaginary that what you titled a unadorned smack on the carpus of the Ambassador would change direction out to be the best grave tragedy in what each one considers the most light presidential term since Abraham Washington!"

Dick lifted his guide from the unreal he was linguistic process and next to that natural smile of his that resembles more a movement of squelched fume mingling beside unlimited melancholy and despair, replied:

"George, we are in this both. Remember you are the one who asked to put the diplomatist in his forte. You after agreed that his most susceptible full stop was his spook spouse. We a short time ago did not integer that our individual gofers would verbalize out of turn"

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"All right, all right! We are both blameful but honourable because they are making a mountain out of a hillock out there, we are not active to lie hair and run it. As longstanding as they wait away from the big questioning we are OK. We have so copious holding active that we can not trim a unary twinkling to operation next to this problem"

"You are right, George. Also, livelihood in heed that in that is a savage prosecuting attorney winnowing tribute day and period in an activity to brainwave a strand into this organization. He is a comprehensive sort that will not residue until he's got both of us tar and adorned out of DC!"

"Now, intermission a small. I have an idea"

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What does his spouse do?"

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