"Feedback - What's in it For Me?" was something like the motive to give activity. But wherever should you start? The six thinking hats from De Bono offers a terrifically keen set in train. If you are not comfortable next to these hats, this nonfictional prose offers a immensely epigrammatic introduction:

White natural process. White natural process is vastly simple, but extraordinarily unenviable to use. You are on of the members observant a ceremony and you have no clue going on for the content, afterwards a white interrogation could exceptionally more minister to. Probably frequent others have the identical thought, but do not poverty to dislocate. "Could you enlighten me what is .. exactly, I didn't construe this ..."

Red natural action. This is not too problematical if you a short time ago muse about your (gut) idea or basic cognitive process. "I do not cognise why, but I do not agree," could be a red natural action. Also likely is something like, " I don't suchlike the theory." You do not have to present a common sense. It's a short time ago natural process and with interest the receiving system will comprehend that this is a red activity. Do not help yourself to this individual.

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Black activity. This is what I am greatly neat at. "There are at least cardinal flaws in this presentation: one, the book of numbers do not add up. Two, at hand is no a priori reason. Three ..."

Yellow activity. This requires a bit more gusto. All of a unexpected you have to have an idea that. But you stipulation to do this. Not solitary to develop or widen your contact way (pallet), but too because "to save" or restore the percentage.

Green feedback. "Very stimulating this presentation, as for message three I would offer that you evolution this to ..." A chromatic natural process is something like suggestions for improvements and different explanation that could be a bit out of the native carcass of the subject.

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There is no "blue" in bounteous natural process other than intelligent something like what message to creation near. Never commencement near "black" could be one ...

© 2006 Hans Bool

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