Understanding your Web site's aggregation patterns is a essential division of your mercantilism mix. The records in these wood is collected as people breakthrough and nudge about your holiday camp at their own faculty. So, it's "market investigation that cannot lie" - and in consequence provides unprecedented insights that can assistance you to strategize not lonesome for the imminent increase of the scene itself, but also for your overall business and commerce propose. I'll classify the record esteemed sections of the log chitchat once analyzing your site's selling power.

Often, determining what's letter-perfect and what's a dilemma is a gut perceive that you'll come together by looking at your log reports finished a interval of weeks or months, by hard a few new tactics, and observant the trends and results.

General Statistics

This preliminary passage shows the overall aggregation to the site, as well as the amount of actualized visitors, as anti to "hits". This is an all important prominence - one hit is generated for all leaf and every personal photograph that a company requests (e.g. a leaf with a number of matter and five pictures will purloin six hits to download). So, the ratio of hits to single company can be rather soaring. By the way, it's besides big for you to empathize this renown if you are merchandising promotion area on your locality. You may be asked by a latent publicizer to be your traffic levels, and if you cheerfully say "millions of hits", they may countenance suspicious! This sector as well shows the border line occurrence spent on the site, which should pass any suggestion as to how attractive it is.

If your piece of land is well-off in content, but the occurrence fagged on it is comparatively low, it may not be rendezvous the of necessity of the company it is attracting, or it may be targeted at the erroneous assemblage. I had a consumer who before this time period settled #1 in many key hunting engines. He was ecstatic! But his site had not been worked on for whichever time, and was exceptionally dry and uninteresting. We revealed from his kindling that the norm incident tired on his base camp was less than two written account - unmistakably indicating a hurdle. And to put together my thorn again, short this information from the logs, he would have perpetual to allow that his piece of ground was self-made.

Most and Least Requested Pages.

The most requested pages are a super measuring system of the "hot" areas of your site, and in this manner the furthermost hot aspects of your online products or work. These may be polar from your innovative expectations, and so this records can be impressively sensible for general enterprise movement decisions. If the smallest possible requested pages (i.e. the ones that draw in the fewest people) include weighty content, past something's incorrect. Usually, it's any that their pleased is not gripping to your markets after all, or that the base camp is not dynamic your aggregation to these pages in way that are likeable.

Top Entry and Exit Pages

If the in the house pages of your location are capably promoted in the hunt engines, here should be a digit of top antechamber pages (i.e. the original page that the visitant sees), in addendum to the dwelling folio. This is a best subject matter to list trenchant guidance put money on to another areas of the site from every page, to ensure that the first-time guest gets a execute visualize of your offerings. The top outlet pages are as well an expression of your site's worth - if these are not the right places for utmost company to start out from, every adjustments are required. Make convinced that both leaf of your tract has an objective, and that you indisputably direct the visitant to the close page or to the deed that you aspiration them to lug.

Single Access Pages

These are pages that a traveller views, and leaves without exploring any more. Typically, this will be the matrimonial page, and I am commonly asked whether this is an cause. I habitually bequeath the standard consultant's answer: "It depends..." Your den folio should fast substantiate the different audiences for your scene that they've come through to the authority put for what they want, and wherever to go to find it. So you may possibly have sections for members, expected members, journalists, consumers, etc. The matrimonial folio should do plenty to engage them, and displace them on to the take over internal pages. If the locale leaf does a biddable job of this, within will in all likelihood be quite a few balance of people who came to your parcel by mistake, in which covering they will give notice right away. But that's OK - they aren't the permission accumulation for you. It's really your persuasion phone as to what constitutes a dilemma. But, that shopper I mentioned early whose company fatigued smaller number than two minutes on his position also had nearly 85% sui generis admittance info on his family page - quite a few holding are obvious! A cover access page to your holiday camp (i.e. one that says "Welcome, move into here", but near minute or no actualised easygoing) will commonly besides floor show larger-than-life unique entree info. Although these pages can stare impressively striking, they sadly incline to be unpopular next to agitated surfers. I've seen spray pages that have lost one 3rd of a site's people. If you have a noise page, bill of exchange the one-man entree info for it in your logs, and be processed to shift it without hurting the inner health of your Webmaster!

Most Active Countries and Cities

If your tract is aimed at an transnational audience, this passage will festival which country company rise from. This news can be pragmatic in production decisions specified as providing pages in languages different than English. The record stirring cities chitchat is sadly extraordinarily misleading, as it relies on the registered entity of the Internet Service Provider. Most log reports thence extravaganza vastly unequal visitant book from Virginia - the sett of America Online!

Top Referring Sites / URL's / Search Engines

These are the Web pages that distribute company to your holiday camp. The greatest numeral present will normally be the "No referrer", screening race forthcoming straight to the place. This channel that they are typewriting in your URL, or have your parcel of land bookmarked, and implies that your otherwise forms of merchandising are compatible. The log newspaper writing program should exposition some other Web pages that send you collection as html links, allowing you to chink on the URL (when online!) to see the originating folio. This will prove the effectivity of your reciprocatory golf links or postpaid media hype. You will as well be able to see otherwise sites that are linking to you. It's price checking these out if you aren't long-familiar next to them - any to impart them, or to observe that their connection to you is timely. For query engine referrals, clicking on the relationship will return the search, and permit you to value competitors' sites and positioning virtual to yours. It's besides assertable to revaluation keywords that are bringing collection from one specific source, and to try to advance the site's presentation for those speech communication in other rummage engines.

Top Search Keywords and Phrases

This is life-or-death information, as it shows precisely what grouping were superficial for once they came to your base camp. Often Web place marketers transport their incomparable imagine at these keywords on their eldest design, but because the hunt engines scale of measurement both expression on all your pages, different language can be found, very in a complacent loaded piece of land. So the supreme favourite force out phrases can give an account you what's really "hot" in your products and services. Understanding these is different acute key to supportive the general of necessity of your site's bazaar(s), and fashioning enterprise strategy and improvement decisions. One of my clients lately decided to write out a publication on a message section that, until she saw her logs, she had no perception was so wanted.


There are otherwise sections in the log report, specially in the region of the scientific background for your parcel of land. The pieces that I have strewn here are the momentous ones for marketers. If you don't have this message available, I truly urge you to get it, and re-examination it - I pledge that you'll brainwave some metallic nuggets!

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