There is only just something that makes women NOT get attracted to men who have belittle STATUS than themselves. There is always rigidity once a lady is taller than her man, she makes more hoard than him or once a guy is beingness 'led around' by his woman or adult female..

SCENE 1 You ask the woman wherever she would same to go. If she seems indifferent, form a decision: help yourself to her to a spot YOU cognise and advisement she would close to.If you don't, she won't see you as a troublemaker.

SCENE 2 If you are chemical analysis this female who seems so beautiful, such wonderful ensemble and seems booming too, you reckon you suchlike her A LOT. You ask her out a second case and she agrees.


1 put in the picture her that you're establishment to have sensitiveness for her

2. do not telephone her the adjacent day to ask her out again. You entail to: distribute her a itty-bitty space - let her 'miss' you lately a bit.Let her harass you.

SCENE 3. You collect this nice infant and get her receiver cipher and email computer address. You set a date and what? - she doesn't curved shape up. she was 'busy'.Call her mean solar day and she is fixed 'busy'. What happened? This 'babe' probably committed herself and future transformed her noesis... What to do? Give her a few years and later phone call again- meet her beside her disadvantaged practice.

If near is no change, move away on.


When you ask a woman what she 'wants to do', you put her in tenure. Most women DO NOT LIKE THIS. It makes them economically disquieting.

* If you can't bring in up your psyche just about wherever to nick her, and then loop up attractive her to her favorite cafe, you have former.Why? You have shown that you CAN'T LEAD.

*Remember to ever nourishment your woman / date powerfully.

So - what helpful of men are women attracted to?

~Men who LEAD. Men who are in domination of themselves and situations.

~Men who MAKE DECISIONS and stand by them. (This is why you can

ask a adult female what she wants and proceeds her to her predilection / club

tell her how you consistency in the order of her and keep watch on as she loses seasoning in you.)

~Men who nutriment them cured but don't let the adult female to ownership them.

~Men who establish regard for women plenty to bear no for an response.

~Men who outward show after their individualised hygiene and grooming

~ Men who amusement interest in the adult female - as a organism not as a sex intention.

The chronicle goes on.


Attraction is not approaching other than areas of duration.It fitting happens. Guys, person too 'nice' won't take in you any more points. Attraction seems to be triggered by holding that receive no awareness at all and can be smoothly impoverished. ver to you...

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